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This actually happened quite by chance. Someone had their biscuits stolen by the monkeys who ripped open the plastic wrappers, individually separated the crackers and ate them one by one in front of us. And while we were screaming and laughing and squealing and pointing at them, they calmly watched us and chewed.

Location: Sunway Lagoon surf beach

Performers & bands: Danny One, Manhand, Reshmonu, Joe Flizzow, MC Hotdog, MJ116, The Black Eyed Peas

location: KL monorail (KL sentral – titiwangsa)

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i joined the crew of the merdeka train party to inject some merdeka cheer in the celebration. and for a brief, but importantly very real moment, i did feel the surge of malaysian spirit in the patriotically vandalised trains.

and i can tell you the precise moment too. we were singing chan mali chan. and no matter who you are, everyone knew the words. and there was an explosion of pride. and random people came together. and there was this aunty and her friend who glowed with such happiness and cheered us on. and we laughed. and we sang tanggal 31. and negaraku. and happy birthday malaysia. and just for good measure, selamat hari jadi malaysia.

and yes for that exact moment, i can tell you with complete conviction that we were proud to be right there, on that very train, singing those very songs our forefathers taught us, on this day, in this country, for this very reason.

Malaysia XI vs Manchester United
Date: 18 July 2009 (Saturday)
Venue: Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Selangor

For a person who hardly watches football, it was a pretty interesting game. And in my opinion, the two goals Malaysia scored that evening was pretty respectable. The first one was sheer luck but because it was so sudden and perfectly executed, the stadium went absolutely mad. It was awesome! And the second goal, well we definitely earned that one, if you ask me. The MU goalkeeper slipped and fell, and in that moment, Amri decide to go for it. And that instant decision paid off! I did not see the Monday match but I think we played a respectable game on Saturday.


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