Tracing the Narrative in Travel Writing – A Poster Presentation


The presenter (left) with friends

A research paper submitted for presentation at the Malaysia international Conference of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (MICOLLAC) 2007

Majidah Hashim
Master of Arts
Universiti Putra Malaysia


According to Jaworski and Coupland (1999), stories or narratives are discourse accounts of factual or fictitious events which take, have taken or will take place at a particular time. Narratives are constructed as structural representations of events in a particular temporal order. The event may appear chronological but not necessary so, as they may also move forward and backward in time for particular reasons and effects. This study uses Labov’s 1972 framework on a Fully Developed Natural Narrative to trace a narrative order to destination-based articles in specialised travel magazines. The six-point model traces the development of a narrative through the stages of: Abstract, Orientation, Complicating Action, Evaluation, Resolution and Coda, in selected travel texts as an exploration into what may be recognised as a narrative style unique to travel writing.


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