late evening at the departures terminal


“It will be all over this day week – comfort – discomfort;
and the zest and rush that no engagements, hours, habits give.
Then we shall take them up again
with more than the zest of traveling.”

~ Virginia Woolf ~

i was at the airport this evening with my camera actually pointing in the other direction. there is just something about wide spaces – in this case, the airport setting – which i find unbelievably calming. of course, that is a story of another photograph.

the sun was setting and the departures terminal was delightfully lively this evening. aeroplanes waltz over terminal as hopefuls, young and old, converge in the beginning of another journey.


2 Responses to “late evening at the departures terminal”

  1. I am a very new photographer and recently read the best photo is probably directly behing you. This photo proves that point. By the way, I do end of with better photos when shooting in the opposite direction??? Love the colors. Great photo.

  2. Another amazing shot! May i include these photos (with full credits to you, of course) in Nikon Academy’s website at ?

    Superb exposure control!

    Andrew Boey

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