The Sleeper’s Prayer


“When I stand before thee at the days end,
thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds
and also my healing.”

– Rabindranath Tagore –
(1861 – 1941)

“Lord, protect me from my dreams and the secrets that it reveals,
Protect me from my nightmares and the darkness that it holds.”

– JN –

model: JN
location: subang jaya
direction & photography: majidah hashim


3 Responses to “The Sleeper’s Prayer”

  1. Wow… nice shoot.. love ur site… lots of nice pictures

  2. hello kak majidah … i heard from my dad ‘daniel hasni’ that u r a writer that convo all around the world … that must be interesting right … i’m long to be a girl that can explore all around the world … today my dad call u n u informed my dad that u were in rome,italy … it must be nice to be there right… may god bless u kak majidah all along the way …

  3. 3 magic

    thank you for your prayers, hanisah. i arrived home safely a few days ago.

    being a writer is interesting but it’s not actually as glamorous as it sounds. like all jobs, there are the ups and there are the downs.

    exploring the world is really a journey of discovering who you really are. i’ve been to many places and some are nice and some are not so nice and some is just better that you see on tv instead. everywhere you go teaches you something about life.

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