Downtown Denver : In Technicolour


Love, don’t let me go,
Won’t you take me where the streetlights glow?
I could hear it coming like a serenade of sound.
Now my feet won’t touch the ground.

– Coldplay –

It was winter in Denver and amidst the snow, I experienced something completely foreign to me: Six days I gallivanted Denver city and absolutely not a cloud in the sky. Brilliant colours and blue skies all the way.

I love how quirky this city is. Its obsession with art. The sculptures. The graffiti. Its light hearted sense of humour.

Shadows effect orchestrated during photo taking via a reflective surface in a single frame/snap. The enhanced effects in these photos are created by play in lighting contrasts and temperature scales only. No further editing.


2 Responses to “Downtown Denver : In Technicolour”

  1. hey. nice nice

  2. 2 dalie

    gorgeous pics!

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