I have read quite a few articles on ice skating and most seem to take the usual approach with very typical photos of the skaters in their costumes on ice. Majidah surprised me by such an unusual request for an off ice non costumed photo shoot and I was even more surprised by the extraordinary poses she had in mind. Such a brave approach must be applauded as the end result was brilliant. I am very pleased to see such a big feature and I must say the photos turned out great. That aside, the write up itself was very interesting , with so much output from so many kids, and on as many varied subject matters. Very refreshing!!

Irene Cheow (April 2009)

Would like to drop a thank you note for featuring the article on ice skating Feel the ice-cold passion featured on 31st March. My daughter Mirren was was one of the skaters in the article and she was very proud to “show off” and text message her grandpa/ grandmum/ greatgrandma too in Ipoh! This is a great sport and we (skater’s parents) appreciate the time you’ve taken to feature the sport and give it some limelight!

Catherine Kee (April 2009)

I would like to say thank you very much for a very well written article and a really prominent picture of my daughter. I had acknowledgements from both Puan Sri Susan Cheah and Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, of the Sunway Group, not to mention the number of calls from all my relatives and friends. Subsequent to the said article a fair number of them are coming to watch the competition. Well Done.

Anushia Siva Subramaniam (April 2009)

Majidah’s interpretation of experiences are defined by her passion for real encouters and adds a memorable touch to all her articles. Her writing trancends her audience to real life experiences wihout ever leaving your seat!

Linda Evelyn (February 2008)

One Response to “mixtape”

  1. You need all the encouragement and support you can get. There aren’t that many writers that have a zest for painting past the illusion. You my dear, take great strides in creating worth with every scribble and that takes courage.

    Kudos Majidah Hashim.

    That’s why we’re all from Subang 🙂

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