[ I would like to thank everyone who turned up at my poster presentation at the International Conference on Thinking (ICOT) last week. I would also like to take this opportunity to dedicate my presentation to the late Michael Jackson, who passed away on the last day of the conference, and whose music milestoned my childhood. Rest in peace.]

Presentation abstract:

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a face tells a thousand stories about who we are. Stories about where we are from. Stories about what we do. Stories about our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

This collection represents South East Asian (SEA) pride. Photos represent the faces of Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore and Indonesia. From the four-year old gold medal figure ice skater, the trice jailed political dissident, to a young boy’s search for spiritual meaning, this collection demonstrates the richness of our expressions and our culture, traditional, modern and SEA in transition.

There are no technicalities in this presentation. This presentation is really a reminder that not everything can be broken up into models and theories. The presentation is a celebration of the human experience; and the human experience is not a technical one. It is aesthetic.

In an age where photography is gaining popularity as a choice hobby, this presentation serves also as a reminder that we mush not forget the story a subject tells – stories that brings a photo to life.


La dolce vita


destination: rome, italy

i actually need to thank raymond for convincing me to go to rome because it actually is one of my favourite places in europe. despite the rowdiness and the hustle and bustle, rome has character. i must have gotten lost more than ten times everyday all around the city, but that is because i keep getting distracted by some kind of quirk along almost every corner. another fountain. another statue. another roman column. another gelato stand.

destination: barcelona, spain

there is a stigma to barcelona and it sounds something like this: *zzzzz!*. that’s right, things are so laid back and chilled out in barcelona, that everything moves at a conveniently relaxed pace. at any given time of the day, you could see scores of people baking themselves at the beach, gazing at the works of gaudi that peppers the city, or just swaying to the tunes of street musicians. life’s so chilled here, that it forces the high-strung traveller to take it easy for awhile. sit back. relax. have some tapas.

Bonjour, Paris!


destination: paris, france

i experienced a slight dilemma in processing my paris set. you see, my visit to france was a rather wet one. my colours were washed out. sky was non existent. for the better part, my mood was pretty darkish as well. all that romance that is supposed to come with walking in the rain in paris escaped me somehow.

and then i come back and sit in front of my computer, and i can’t stop thinking of paris. its long grey shadows. its bronze tint. its shades of earthly tones and fresh green. people in a hurry. places they need to go. places we need to be.

and i remember, paris.

destination: munich, germany

spring in munich is what almost exactly what i thought it would be – sunny and windy. i like the german sense of humour in munich.